Picadio Sneath Miller & Norton, P.C., in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania has experience representing corporate and investor clients in securities fraud litigation. In the complex, ever-changing world of business, fundraising is often critical. Without proper capitalization, a business will cease to exist. Consequently, businesses commonly issue securities, including debt and equity instruments, to raise capital to fund their growth and operations. Securities can take many forms, such as stock, bonds and their regulation is governed by a complex scheme of state and federal securities laws. These statutes seek to ensure compliance with technical requirements pertaining to the registration and sale of both private and publicly issued securities. Depending on the nature of the security involved, securities disputes may involve allegations that the seller or issuer of the security misrepresented or omitted material information in connection with the purchase or sale of a security, a proxy solicitation, or a tender offer, In other instances, it is alleged that there was insider trading, or that a securities offering was not registered properly. Although not exhaustive, these examples are illustrative of the types of conduct that are more commonly referred to as "securities fraud."

The attorneys at PSMN, including Attorneys Anthony P. Picadio, have litigated cases arising under various state and federal securities statutes, including Sections 10(b) and 20 of the 1934 Securities Exchange Act, two of the more commonly invoked federal securities statutes. The firm is also well versed with the unique pleading and procedural requirements that pertain to securities actions filed in state and federal courts.

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