Hazardous Material Contamination and Superfund

Clients often contact the attorneys at Picadio Sneath Miller & Norton, P.C., in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, including Alan Miller, after they find themselves cleaning up an accidental hazardous waste spill on their property or after they receive a notice of violation from an environmental agency. In other situations, hazardous materials from one property have migrated to a neighboring property and have caused significant contamination. In these types of cases, immediate remediation of contamination is only one step of the process. Clients should also protect their legal interests from the outset.

For years we have counseled clients on the most cost-effective resolution to property contamination issues. Our experience includes resolving exposure due to leaking underground storage tanks, hazardous material migration and water contamination. We have represented clients who are seeking damages as well as clients who are defending against damages. Our clients have included municipal agencies and private companies of varying sizes.

We have also represented clients with responsibilities in large Superfund (CERLCA) sites and can help clients navigate the process and explore their resolution options through negotiations, arbitration, mediation and, if necessary, litigation. Our goal is resolve our clients' liability as quickly as possible and with the least amount of financial exposure. Our experience also includes addressing natural resource damage claims.

Our firm has also helped our client obtain insurance coverage to cover cleanup costs as well as financial damages. We are experienced in reviewing insurance policies to determine applicability of coverage and in negotiating with insurance companies to provide coverage.

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