Permitting and Compliance

Appropriate environmental permitting and compliance measures are essential to the success of our clients. Clients must understand which environmental regulations apply to their activities and facilities and they must be certain that they are in compliance with environmental regulations at all times. It is an ongoing process, as permits must be renewed on a timely basis and, occasionally, they must be modified to reflect changes in operations. The attorneys at Picadio Sneath Miller & Norton, P.C., in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, including Alan Miller, keep up with the ever-shifting and complex environmental laws and assist municipalities and private entities with their federal, state, and local permitting needs.

We provide guidance in navigating the environmental permitting process for waste facilities, manufacturing facilities, and land development projects, regardless of size. PSMN ® attorneys can assist clients in determining which parts of their operation require permitting and which regulatory frameworks are implicated. We are prepared to assist in drafting permits applications and advising on permit modifications and appeals. We have also worked with the in-house engineers of our clients to provide guidance and to streamline the permit application process.

In addition, we are experienced in advising on compliance issues, such as meeting discharge standards or responding to environmental audits. With compliance issues, it is best to be "one step ahead" by proactively structuring internal environmental compliance measures. We help clients create compliance measures and safeguards to avoid costly non-compliance penalties down the road.

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