Bad Faith and Extra-Contractual Litigation

Bad faith and extra-contractual claims are among the most complex and high-stakes matters that insurance companies face. In today's legal landscape, many coverage disputes include allegations of bad faith against the involved insurance company. These claims, if successful, can expose insurance companies to punitive damages, attorneys' fee awards, and other damages well in excess of insurance policy limits. Bad faith claims are fact-specific and focus on the insurance company's conduct and claims handling practices rather than the express provisions of the insurance policy. Bad faith claims are often asserted by policyholders against insurance carriers for, among other things, failure to defend or settle third-party claims, wrongful denial of coverage for first-party claims, and unreasonable delay in claims handling.

The attorneys at Picadio Sneath Miller & Norton, P.C. in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, including Alan Miller, Henry Sneath, Bridget Gillespie, and Brandon McCullough, have years of experience in defending insurance carriers against claims of bad faith and extra-contractual liability in both state and federal courts. Our understanding of the insurance industry has enabled us to successfully counsel our clients to avoid bad faith claims and, if necessary, take bad faith claims to trial if they cannot otherwise be resolved. Our attorneys have extensive experience handling issues that arise during discovery, motions practice, trial, and appeal of bad faith claims. In addition to litigation expertise, our attorneys offer counseling to help maintain good faith claims handling practices in our clients' operations.

Two of our shareholders, Anthony P. Picadio and Bridget M. Gillespie, have authored one of the only treatises on insurance coverage and bad faith law in Pennsylvania-Norton on Insurance Coverage In Pennsylvania, Second Edition, published by PBI Press.

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