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As part of Picadio Sneath Miller and Norton, P.C.'s intellectual property practice, the firm drafts, files, and prosecutes patents for its clients.

Patents: Drafts to Litigation

Our lawyers not only draft patents, they also have extensive experience with litigating patents, both on behalf of patent owners and those accused of infringing patents. Having seen the pitfalls and obstacles patent owners must overcome in order to enforce their patents, we use these experiences when we draft patents on behalf of our clients. We recognize that for most clients it is not enough to simply obtain a patent-it must be enforceable in a way that protects their ideas and innovations.

The rules and laws regarding patents are complex, especially with the significant changes resulting from the America Invents Act (AIA). A common misconception regarding patents is that they give their owners to right to use an invention. A United State patent gives its owner to exclusive right to prevent another from making, using, offering to sell, selling, and importing the invention in or into the United States. Therefore, even if you have a patent, you might not be allowed to use your own invention if your invention relies on another's patented invention. Understanding these limitations can be important when determining what and how to patent your invention. We can help you navigate these issues and obtain the protections that are right for you.

There are different kinds of patent applications that can be filed--from provisional to non-provisional to PCT applications--and different types of patents that can be granted from these applications--such as utility, design, and plant patents. We can help inventors determine which kinds of applications are appropriate to protect their inventions by taking into account how far the invention has been developed, how the patent fits into the client's business plan, and the costs to obtain a patent.

We can also conduct patentability searches to better help inventors determine whether their invention will meet the novelty and non-obviousness requirements before expending the time and resources applying for a patent.

Filing a patent application is a complex process with many potential pitfalls for the unwary. We can assist inventors in navigating these complex rules to increase their chance to obtain an issued patent.

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