Heavy Equipment and Industrial Machinery

The attorneys at Picadio Sneath in Pittsburgh have significant experience in handling products liability actions involving the defense of manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors in actions involving claims of manufacturing or design defects resulting in serious personal injuries in state and federal court.

Heavy equipment and industrial machinery are often designed to do specific things or perform certain functions. Often times allegations of manufacturing or design defects are cases of user error, as in many cases the machinery or equipment involved is manned by both skilled and unskilled laborers. Our attorneys have experience and knowledge of applicable OSHA regulations that may have an impact on these claims, as well as the sophisticated defenses required to properly defend a claim that was the result of user error.

PSMN ® attorneys understand and have experience working with clients who have diligently applied safe engineering principles to ensure that they account for how their machines may be used, and have properly given warnings and instructions to that the end user can use the machinery properly and safely.

The firm’s experience in products liability actions involving heavy equipment and machinery includes the following matters:

•  Representing designer/manufacturer of electric controls system for forge against claims of improper design, failure to include adequate safety devices and failure to provide adequate warnings, resulting in amputation.

•  Defending major auto manufacturers in sudden acceleration products liability case.

•  Defending seller of heavy equipment in a products liability case involving serious brain injury from forklift accident.

Defense of manufacturer of pasta-making equipment in products liability case involving a partial amputation.

The defense of a supplier of welding wire in products liability action seeking consequential damages allegedly incurred because of replacement of piping system due to failure of welding wire to meet specifications.

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